Anais Kostinou was born in 1985 in Greece. Coming from an established family in the fine jewelry industry, she was very early surrounded by her mother’s cultivated passion for artistic timeless jewelry, and her father’s architectural trait to influentially unfold leading structures.

She holds a Ba in Media Studies, Communication & Culture, and an MSc in RE Management (RICS accredited), while she is currently studying at the Gemological Institute of America, towards completion of the GIA Graduate Gemologist program.  Further studies in Theatre Acting and the Performing Arts, have empowered the designer’s rhythmical creativity to be released into her todays dominant ornaments.

Anais pursues her passion for synthesis and her deep understanding of structural realization, throughout the creation of illimitable pieces. Always inspired by the uniqueness of each moment in time, the designer explains that ‘..a round diamond can be the most cubic sight one will ever acknowledge in life. Shapes matter only when their external boundaries are broken. It is only then that one can experience a whole new universe of silhouettes, shadows and lights, that can hold a lifelong meaning and inspire timeless attraction.’